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Civil Construction

Civil Construction for Industrial Sites

Two Crossings Maintenance Services Ltd is a civil construction company who provides a wide range of site services for Fort McMurray’s industrial sites.

Working within a plant or mine site requires a high degree of experience. Our competence in construction means that our civil construction projects are planned and staffed properly to ensure quality workmanship and timely completion.

Infrastructure & Land Development Services

With our experienced team and equipment, Two Crossings handles complete land development projects including site clearing & preparation, site grading, installing culverts, drainage systems, ditching & dewatering and underground utility installation (water, sewer, sanitary, gas lines, etc.)

Remote Projects for Oil & Gas

Already based in Fort McMurray, Two Crossings can handle many projects for the oil and gas sector including oil field leases & well pad construction as well as construction for winter roads & bridges.




Landfill and Retaining Pond Construction

Whether as a sewage lagoon, landfill or other purpose, Two Crossings has experience building ponds to specifications including slope stabilization, pond dredging, and pond liner installation. 

Two Crossings has also completed related projects for dyke construction, trench excavation & backfill as well as manhole, valve chamber, vaults & lift station installation.