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Suncor Voyageur – Central Lodge Camp Complex

Project Client:   EllisDon Corporation (Owner –   Suncor)

Project Location:   Suncor Voyageur Site – Fort   McMurray, AB

Project Date:   March 2008 – January 2009

Project Manager:   D.J. Grant

Project Description: 

The Voyageur camp accommodation complex was intended to house workers for the upgrader expansion project that unfortunately was cancelled in January of 2009. Prior to cancellation, under the contract management of Ellisdon, CarmacksGroup was responsible for the excavation and backfilling of dormitory and core building foundation structures, excavation, installation and backfill of deep underground utilities (i.e. firewater, potable water and sanitary sewer), well-point dewatering, site rough grading and finish grading, road construction and parking lot construction.